For projects in the research lines of GRECO-LATIN POETRY AND PROSE and GRECO-LATIN THEORETICAL DISCOURSE - there will be a specific eliminatory test in Greek or Latin languages.


For projects in the research line of RECEPTION OF GRECO-LATIN LITERATURE - there will be a eliminatory test on the reception of greco-latin literature for projects focusing on the relations between the literatures of departure (Greek and Latin) and texts of arrival.


Admission Selection Process

The Graduate Program in Classical Literature is open to the selection of candidates every semester. The selection occurs for each of the three lines of research, for which there are specific exams.

All candidates must pass a foreign language exam. For the Master's degree, the candidates must choose one language among English, German, French or Italian, while for the Doctoral degree, the candidate will not need to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language other than the one presented for admission to the Master's degree.

All candidates approved in the stages of specific and proficiency tests will be taken to the final stage, consisting of an interview on the research project.


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